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An online interactive music experience


If you're here, you must have heard my music somewhere.  Thanks for taking an interest. 

Here, especially for you, is an informal acoustic version of my song IRENE, which I wrote after a dramatic event in my life.  The full studio version in the experience reflects that vividly.

If you'd like to come along, I will give you links to seven web pages exclusive to the online experience. 

Sit back and relax

No tuxedo required for this album launch!!  It is a completely relaxed and informal occasion!  You can be part of the event at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, behind your computer or on the move. You can dip into it when ever you want. There's no hassle or rush. 


And if you so desire, you can communicate with me while you're there.

Come and hear, see and feel my new album with me, during which you can get all my songs for FREE.


Check below for a taster of what's to come.

I hope to see you at the launch


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Why Paper Plane?

Paper Plane is the title of the album and day 1 of the experience. Fragile, unpredictable, the paper plane is a metaphor for life. It can raise you up and bring you down fast. 


During day one I'll introduce you to the artwork and its creator, and I'll reveal the location of the mystery city in the cover art - it's been faithfully portrayed by the artist.

There are features of each song coded into the album artwork for you to find.  And I've hidden special bonus material on each page with a quiz or trail leading to it.  I do hope you enjoy!


Day by day, my songs delve into many of life's powerful emotions, the ups and downs, what ifs and heartbreaks. But we finish with the very positive A New Day - soaring into the air like a paper plane and starting all over again...

Find out more in the experience

DAY FIVE - Fighting back!

This is the closest I've ever come to writing a protest song and it's all about staying strong, and not letting other people's opinions grind you down and destroy you.

Here's a taster of Bracondale, filmed at Bracondale. There's quite a story behind the song and location - but you'll have to come to the album launch to find out the secret.


✓  I'll send you A LINK A DAY for seven days.They will take you to the exclusive web pages

✓  You can follow those links WHENEVER YOU LIKE

✓  You can DOWNLOAD OR STREAM all the songs for free

✓  You'll see EXCLUSIVE  BEHIND THE SCENES video footage

✓  LET'S HAVE FUN too:  stories, anecdotes and laughs

✓  I'LL INTRODUCE YOU to some of the amazing people who have helped me along the way

✓  Have a go at the QUIZZES and find the hidden bonus material



The  journey  begins  in:

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Beautiful!  Well done.  Wonderful words

Rita Tisiga

What a beautiful piece of music. It brought tears to my eyes listening to it!

Lisa Neal

You have a great voice and your song is heartfelt. I love your song

Rosauro Lugo

I love the way Richard sings with emotion and gently

Pip Lawson-Smith

Such a beautiful voice. I love the clarity of your tone

Teresa Tuan

Paper Plane Ride. Copyright Richard Sutton 2018.  All rights reserved