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The  journey  begins  in:

“...strong melody, hooks with teeth and vocal that means it...”

“...a talented guitarist with personality in his voice...”

Nick Churchill

A FolkCast featured artist

"A songwriter and performer with a delicate multi layered style that is increasingly rare these days"

Jason Burgess, promoter



It's good to meet you

Welcome. I’m really excited to be releasing my debut album Paper Plane, and to be doing this in a completely new way.


This seven-day Paper Plane ride is an experiment and I'm hoping it will make a significant difference for people looking to hear new music.

The problem

The industry has a complete stranglehold on the music people hear. Musicians rarely get heard unless they fit the industry mould and pass through their filters.


So it can therefore be very hard for listeners to find new music of a type they really like - or simply discover something a bit different.

My dream

By avoiding the old record companies, I hope to bridge this gap and reach out directly to people, no matter where they live in the world. There will be no middle men, no industry filters and no manipulation of our tastes.


I am part of a small movement of indie musicians striving to achieve this. Exciting times!


Come inside. You will discover the personal inside stories and experience an album in a way that has not been done before.

The industry has such a stranglehold on the music people hear, it can be really difficult to find new music of the type you really like.

I want to bridge that gap.

Get to know me and my music. I am here, I can be contacted and I will respond


Behind the scenes

Come on an immersive seven-day musical ride with me. I’ll be giving you my entire album for free in a way that suits you - either as downloads or through online streaming if you prefer.


I’ll take you behind the scenes to see how my music was inspired and created. We can explore the meanings behind the songs and meet some of the fascinating characters who have made the album happen.


I’ll be giving you intimate 1 to 1 solo acoustic performances,  you can watch recordings of live gigs and official music videos, as well as my personal comments. Through this process, you will get to know me, and I hope I will get to know you.

The theme

Many of my songs are about breaking free of the constraints that hold us back and prevent us attaining our goals - and a lot of these barriers reside in our own psyche rather than being inflicted on us. 


Some songs are sad and wistful, others are strong and positive. I attempt to reach out not only through the lyrics, but more deeply through melody and chord progressions, carrying emotion directly to the heart. 


The musical journey tracks these elements of life, day by day.


Direct to your inbox

Book your place below, and I’ll send you a link by email every day for seven days, delivering the experience directly to your inbox. You will be able dip into these whenever you like. 


The links will take you to private pages on my website that are exclusive to the Paper Plane ride and are not available anywhere else.  

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The magic of music

I believe music is fundamental to life, it's to be listened to, taken in and explored. For me, music has never been a background to other things, it's too powerful for that. 


If you're someone who becomes completely absorbed in the music you hear, and it carries you to a different world, then we have so much to explore together.




To come with me on this exciting journey, click the button below and join up for a unique musical event.


I'll then send you a link a day to the online experience.

Beautiful!  Well done.  Wonderful words

Rita Tisiga

What a beautiful piece of music. It brought tears to my eyes listening to it!

Lisa Neal

You have a great voice and your song is heartfelt. I love your song

Rosauro Lugo

I love the way Richard sings with emotion and gently

Pip Lawson-Smith

Such a beautiful voice. I love the clarity of your tone

Teresa Tuan

Paper Plane Ride. Copyright Richard Sutton 2018.  All rights reserved