BY Richard Sutton

When I arrived

You came across so sweet

But then you blew me away

When I tried to make ends meet

You bring bad weather,

like a vicious hurricane


Oh Irene, what can I say?

Irene, please fade away


All on my own, just singing this song

Left alone, and all my power has gone

I hear the thunderous growl

of a beast at the door


It’s Irene, why have you stayed?

Irene, why won’t you fade


IRENE - Richard Sutton
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I tried to run, from the fury of your wrath   

But you take what you want

From whoever lies in your path

You brought me down with a direct hit,

I wait for you to pass, but you never quit

Just staring at the ground

As I watch the rain drops dance


Oh Irene, Oh Irene


It's Irene, you’ve done it again       

Irene, when will you end?

You just do it time and time.......again

Copyright Richard Sutton 2020.  All rights reserved