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Hi there, I’m Richard Sutton, a singer-songwriter from Norwich in the UK. 


I’m an independent musician doing my best to reach out directly to people and build a closer community with my listeners.

In Your Space - by Richard Sutton

Nick Churchill - Fatea Magazine
"...strong melody, hooks with teeth and vocal that means it..."

"...a talented guitarist with personality in his voice...”

Richard at Hyde Park, 2018


In Your Space
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IN YOUR SPACE is a song for our time, expressing the anguish of living in another person’s environment, and feeling that you are invading their space.


I wrote this some five years ago but ended up tinkering with its structure for a very long time.


The song came back to life for me during lockdown, when we were cramped together at home, and it then came together very quickly.


This is the first of a series of new songs I will be releasing over the coming months.

In Your Space Artwork

Available on all streaming and download sites:

Playing at the Cambridge Folk Club

Come inside the music

If you relate to this and would like to hear more, I’ve put my whole debut album, Paper Plane, online and built a music experience that shares the inside stories behind each song.

The music experience is open now and completely free. You can get to it here:  

Paper Plane music experience.


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