Richard's perspective

Talking freely, Richard says:

"I love a whole array of music and my influences really reflect my musical journey.

"I was brought up with classical music in the house, and particularly loved Mozart and Tchaikovsky. But one of my earliest memories as a young child was lying on the bed and listening to a tape of Queen. Their melodies and arrangements have inspired me and been part of my musical fabric ever since. 

"In the early years of songwriting, I learned a lot from Buddy Holly's ability to create and craft the pop and ballad song.

Richard at Boogie Trap Studios

"Along the way, there have been many pieces of music from songwriters and bands I have admired - from country, folk, rock and pop. I spent many years playing these in bands.

"However, my musical journey has moved a long way since I went solo acoustic.  Having always loved Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon is now the greatest influence on my songwriting and on how to deliver a song live. I am loving the experience of playing to listening audiences, and capturing them with just a strong message, a tune that gets to the heart, and an acoustic guitar.

"My songs are also very much influenced by my own personal experiences of life, and the internal battles one faces.

"All these influences have added to the pot that is me, and I craft my songs through melody, interesting chord progressions and words that have meaning."

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